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Light-bulbThe Sims Social Turning Japanese Mission Series Guide

by Lyndon Joshiah Dy Buco - Dec 22, 2011 Star_s206 views

Playfish has release the Turning Japanese Tokyo Planet theme in The Sims Social last week, and today I am here to share you more about the mission series that followed: all the details about the requirements to complete this new series of missions.

The Sims Social Turning Japanese 1- Check 7 bathroom items for leaks
- Get inspired!
Rewards: 10 Lifetime Points, 30 Simoleons and 10 XP

The Sims Social Turning Japanese 2- Practice making cartoon style faces in a mirror 5 times
- Have 3 unique hairstyles
- Use a photo booth to capture a digital copy of your face

Tips: Click mirrors then 'Make Cartoon Face'. Click 'Clothes > Head > Hairstyles' and buy hairstyles. Click the photo booth in Bella's or friends' houses then 'Take Photos'.

Rewards: 1 Lifetime Points, 40 Simoleons and 15 XP

The Sims Social Turning Japanese 3- Have 8 Muse (will be spent)
- Have a Karate Mat and create a routine 5 times
- Use a dancing arcade machine to record 3 moves

Tips: Collect Muse from friends and art/music skill interactions. Click Karate Mat then 'Create Routine'. Click a dancing arcade machine in Bella's and friends' houses then 'Record Karate Moves'.

Rewards: 25 Lifetime Points, 50 Simoleons and 20 XP

The Sims Social Turning Japanese 4- Have a Japanese bookshelf
- Learn Japanese from the bookshelf by reading 5 books
- Use japanese phrases on 4 Sims

Tips: Go to Shop > Decoration and Buy a bookshelf from this week's Japanese range (Book Place Shelf). Click bookshelf then 'Learn Japanese'. Click Sims then 'Use Japanese Phrase'.

Rewards: 35 Lifetime Points, 60 Simoleons and 30 XP

The Sims Social Turning Japanese 5- Visit 5 Sims to watch the Karate film together on TV
- Advertise to the wider world (Have 2 friends click on feed)
- Have 4 Buzz (will be spent)

Tips: Visit your friends, click TV then 'Watch Karate Film'. Get two friends to click your feed. Collect Buzz from fun interactions.

Rewards:35 Lifetime Points, 60 Simoleons and 30 XP

The Sims Social Turning Japanese 6- Buy 3 clothing items from Japanese week 2 to wear to the premier
- Buy a new hairstyle
- Boast to 6 Sims about your success

Tips: Click 'Clothes > Special' and buy items from this week's theme. Buy a new hairstyle. Click Sims then 'Boast'.

Rewards: 50 Lifetime Points, 80 Simoleons and 55XP

The Sims Social Turning Japanese 7- Buy 4 Modern Japanese decoration items to design the movie set with
- Record a video diary on a computer, do 13 takes to get it right.
- Have 4 of your friends tell you that you look good with the new look.

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12-em-plus add reply

These mission are half a year old and I highly doubt they are coming back.

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