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Light-bulbA Lil' Miracle - Wikiwah Healing Missions

by Tonya Collins - Dec 22, 2011 Star_s3,163 views

Wikiwah Healing I
Tend 30 Lemon Trees
Craft 5 Nutritious Tonics
Feed Ember 5 Nutritious Tonics
Rewards: 250 xp, 250 coins, horse ready boosts

Wikiwah Healing II
Collect 10 Wikiwah Blankets
Tend 35 Non ridable adult horses on your homestead or neighbor's
Fully Prepare Ember
Rewards: 350 xp, 325 coins, Ember (horse)

Wikiwah Healing III
Harvest 50 Cabbage
craft 5 Wikiwah Medicine
Finish Healing the Baby Colt
Rewards: 550 xp, 425 coins Baby Colt

Wikiwah Healing IV
Harvest 70 Cotton
Collect 20 Wikiwah Beads
Collect 25 Licking Salts
Rewards: 400 xp, picture Frame, cowgirl doll.



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12-em-plus add reply

I'm not exactly sure but I think it was around 12 or 15, atleast for me.


how many waikiwah medicine does it take to heal the baby colt


I heard Live Chat is only available if you pay. Don't know if that's true. I have communicated with Zynga at least 12 times over this and they can't seem to fix it. They gave me a new one but I had to refeed him. Then they refeed it but it's still laying down. Can someone tell me what happens to the baby colt once is completely fed? Does it go away, stand up??? HELP....


Exactly the same with me, first colt has lost feeding thing over its head and when I go thru Locate the Colt in the Mission it gives a second colt which will have to be fed all over again !!!
Can't reach Live Chat.......


Is anyone having problems with Part III, healing the baby colt? Mine lost the progress and the bottle on top to make more food. I reported it to Zynga 3 days ago and nothing. Now if I click on Find the colt it gives me a new one to start over so I keep putting it back.


After 2 days of my neighbors horses not counting i reported it to Zynga and they did them for me,


I had the same problem and so do a lot of others...I got credit though when neighbors came and tended/groomed my horses.... so contact your friends/neighbors and do the buddy system and tend each other's horses!


I am having the same problem......very frustrating


Sorry it took me so long to see your question... I'm not sure why the neighbors are not counting : ( I used animail ready boosts to make mine ready again but others have used their dogs to make them ready again. I haven't tried that method but everyone says it works Wink


me too...since this mission started, no tended horses counted at all.... don't like....


Ana, i am having the same problem!!


I am on Part II and the only horses that are adding up are mine. I have feed at least 5 at my neighbors and nothing, still 11. I am doing the brown ones you buy in the market with no saddle. I even tried the white ones, Ember and nothing... Any tips or is this a problem that I need to report to Aynga? Thanks Tonya.

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