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Question-white' the gift you tried to accept was LIMITED EDITION and is no longer available. More limited edition items coming soon! '

by Liz Draper - May 29, 2010 Star_s384 views

hI keep getting this msg when I try to accept tuscany gifts, and I can't even GET IN to my farm now. 1st thing this am I got in, and attempted to start the tuscan wedding but wasn't allowed to make that post..when the box popped up you can either hit .. send..or cancel. No matter how many times I hit the right button, I had to hit cancel in the end. HALP!

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12-em-plus add reply

no! We didnt get banned! Now its really back!
Try it and you will see!
Nein, es ist doch nicht so!
Alles geht wieder! Probierts einfach aus!


Its the same with me - and I just used the snag bar once since the new terms of use!
I only can answer requests, but not accept anything ( watering can, mystery gift etc) and I cant get into my farm

Bei mir dasselbe!
ich kann nur Anfragen beantworten, aber nichts mehr annehmen und nicht mehr auf die Farm!
Die machen wohl ernst und haben mich rausgeschmissen (obwohl ich nach den neuen Nutzungsbedingungen nur EINMAL die Snag Bar benutzt habe!)


I was locked out of FV, like many were, yesterday. things are going swelL!

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