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Light-bulbLevel 112 is driving me nuts! Help!

by Bianka Barova - Dec 26, 2011 Star_s2,908 views

No other level has taken me so long, and there were some pretty hard ones so far. If I successfully drop the two pyramyds of black balls on both sides, I have not enough balls left, in order to complete the level...and that is in the best and rare cases. It's driving me crazy, any tips?

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12-em-plus add reply

I made a quite ingoing guide for level 112, including the video. The text guide with pics should actually be good for 3 Stars! http://www.bubble-witch-saga.se/level-112-includes-video-walk-through-for-2-stars/


Am also stuck on 112 - not sure if you still are ! have just watched a video on you tube and I think you need the rainbow ball potion to and some clever aiming to get past. Am off to try it - will let you know.

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