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by Farhan Rhein Nabi - Dec 27, 2011 Star_s3,227 views

Ok, now no told me the treat hack so did not goive you guys the penguin hack BUT i will give u the KANGAROO HACK ok

1# open cheat engine and any browser

2# log in to your account and go to wild ones

3# click on your cheat engine and target the browser u are using

4# in wild ones go to the pet shop

5# click on the cat and give it the colour you want for your kangaroo

6# go cheat engine and select SPEEDHACK

7# in speed hack set it to 200 or 500 and click apply

8# go to wild ones and now click on the cross on top of the cat (your wild ones will run slow but u still have to be fast)and quickly click on the kangaroo ,it should be near the the cross, after the kangaroo comes you will still see the GREEN CHECK MARK which used to be on the cat,click it

9# And bingo u have a kangaroo!!!!!

this may take a few tries to nail it but keep trying!!!!

and please guys send me a coin hack that actually work without banning


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12-em-plus add reply

for coin hack just go to wild ones and leave it on the home page, then open cheat engine and select your browser, then click speed hack and set it to 500, then when the page that says wild ones found 30 coins ... VERY quickly change it to 0 and it should keep the +30 coins page and keep clicking the claim button and each time you will get 30 coins.
you can get as many coins as you want, but make sure you get enough because you can only do this once a day.

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