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Light-bulbFarmville Items on Snag Bar NOT UPDATED

by Janelle Ann Deem-berry - Dec 27, 2011 Star_s300 views

Since aLL these other games have been added to get snagged items I noticed that new trees items for things and new stuf is not being added to the list of snagable items quick like it used to be!! Still no newtrees from the last 2 updates and now the ice castle is out and the parts are not available to snag yet! We never even got the option to snag stickings for the hearth?? Is it going to remain like this or are there going to be updates like there used to be right away?? This is really starting to not be fun... i hope it goes back t normal soon or they take off the games people arent snagging for and keep only a few like last time!~

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12-em-plus add reply

well i see your point and its free yes.. but If they cant keep up then maybe they are doing too much.. just because it is a free tool dosent mean that it shouldnt be kept up.. once they do it one way for so long then just stop it does stink...It dosent mean they shouldnt take time off but they are the ones that choose to do this so that means keeping up with it


It is holiday season and I am sure you will allow the GU people to have some time off, too. After all, this is a free tool and - while it helps you to enjoy your game - it is work for the people at GU.

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