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Light-bulbNew Timed Missions - All Aboard!, Benjamin's Bare Feet, Treats For the Yeti, Chocolate Conundrum

by Tonya Collins - Jan 03, 2012 Star_s1,435 views

The pass to Holiday Hollow keeps gettin’ snowed in an’ Murt’s got a plan to fix that! He wants to lay train tracks all the way to the Hollow! Let’s help him out by gettin’ all the items he needs!


All Aboard! 

Collect 20 Gears

Collect 20 Stocking Coals

Collect 20 Rail Spikes

Rewards: 20 Candy Canes, Big Present, 500 xp.


Not released yet are:

Benjamin's Bare Feet

Collect 40 Stockings

Collect 20 Fragrant Insoles

Collect 20 Holiday Insoles

Rewards: Big Present, 20 Candy Canes, 500 xp

Chocolate Conundrum

Collect 40 Cocoa milk

Collect 20 Dark Chocolate

Collect 20 Coco Beans

Rewards: 500 xp, 20 Candy Canes , Big Present

Treats for the Yeti

Harvest 40 Gumdrops

Collect 20 stale fruit cakes

Collect 20 Holly Berries

Rewards: Big Present, 500 xp, 20 Candy canes 


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