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Question-whiteCityville link exchange don't work...Why ?

by TürkiyeCumhuriyeti Emel Süpürür - Jan 03, 2012 Star_s728 views

Cityville link exchange don't work...Why ?

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12-em-plus add reply

I don't even get how it works links NEVER show up..and it's so LAGGY when I click on any of the links...why do websites always try to fix things that weren't broken to begin with?...go back to the old way!..I used to be able to finish up goals in a can't send or recieve anything on this exchange!


Fixed. Folks are pasting incorrect manual links which is what we were afraid of. We're working to correct this in a more robust manner


Still down all day....and I hope it's restored soon. I have made huge strides in the game with the help of the link exchange...and truly appreciate having it available..I hope it will continue to be available.

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