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Question-whiteIs Monster World Item(s) Request Working?

by Vaughan MacEgan - Jan 05, 2012 Star_s869 views

For about the past week I have been hitting my head against a brick wall trying to figure out how to post links on open networks like here on Gamer's Unite for items and Woogoo. Placing WooGoo requests eludes me at the moment.

But ... I think I have figured out how to place Item Requests on these open networks. However, I need someone to tell me whether or not they are working. I tried posting it on a monster World links page but either no one bothered clicking on it or it not working. I believe it's for a "Cloud Tree":

So if someone here would be kind enough to tell me if it worked - that you got your 50 coins and it sent the Cloud Tree - I would be most, most grateful.

But WooGoo remains a mystery. I tried clicking on the Roberta sign as someone else mentioned but all my friends have stopped playing the game so that is a dead end they only thing that appears is a "Cheer On" no "Congratulations" at all. And that still won't allow me to place the link on an open network in any case. So it's back to banging my head on a brick wall.

Thankyou and Regards.

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12-em-plus add reply




You will either need to ask your friends to plant cloud trees in their gardens for you to fertilize or the better option with this game and other farming games like it, is to add more friends.

Click the add me tab at the top of this page to see other people looking for MW friends or I'll be happy to help you out if you send me a request.


Can anyone tell me what to do.....I have been asked to fertilize 5 cloud tree in my friends garden BUT none of my friends have cloud tree in their garden. What do I do??? Help would be much appreciated!!!!


"can you tell me how you post the links for gifts?"

I can tell you how it's done but I have no real proof that it's working properly. All the evidence thus far points in the direction that is does work, but, there exists the possibility that it doesn't. And it not really for gifts either you can post gifts off to friends from in-game this is more for items you need to complete a task with "Robert" that annoying little Robot. I am still trying to figure out how to get items I NEED to complete other tasks such as building items (eg Croco Tooth Nails) and WooGoo from posting links.

So you should post a link here for something that you need and I will respond and tell you whether it worked. That way we will both have a clearer indication of what's happening.

Ok, down to business....

First off click on "Robert" find out an item you are short on and need some help getting. Currently I am short on Lego Bricks ( I need 35 of them ... you read right 35 of the bloody things and they take 23 hrs to grow) - to complete this mission. Now on this dialog box there is a "Post Help Request" which I need so I click on that. That brings up a "Post to your Wall" box. So put a title if you wish or leave blank and click the "Share" button. And that will then post a notice to your wall.

Now we get to the interesting part. That notice will only be available to your friends. To get it to the wider public we need to do a little more. Now bring up a new tab/browser whatever is is that you do and check your wall for that post you just made. Now open any plain text editor - I use notepad and right click on the link on the Wall post and "Copy Link Location".

Bring up notepad/editor and paste the link into it. Now you have a link location.

My link location for Lego Bricks pasted from the text editor looks like this:

Providing all that works properly you should be able to post the link above at places such as Monster World link groups such as:

Like I said, to be safe, paste your link here and I will post a reply informing you if it worked. And if you could respond by telling me if my "Lego Brick" request worked properly I would be most grateful.



can you tellme how you post the links for gifts?


Well something happened ... I woke up today to find 11 extra cloud trees in my Garden (!!!). ELEVEN. So I am supposing the link works (???).

So if you are one of those people who clicked on the link to test it out for me then I thankyou profusely.



It doesn't post requests on my friends walls for some reason too

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