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Question-whiteSnagBar indicates snagging, but no items added to giftbox

by Loran Droege - Jan 05, 2012 Star_s163 views

Snagbar indicates it is snagging (snag count climbing - at an unusually fast rate), but no items are being added to giftbox. I have tried reloading snagbar, uninstalling/installing snagbar and no visible success. Has Facebook changed something ... does Snagbar need tweaking?

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12-em-plus add reply

do anyone ever address or answer u on these issues?


the same with my snag, yesterday and today :(


is the same problem for me many items but with the write "snag bar is ensure...."It is happen 2 or 3 hours ago,what can we do?


yep, uninstalled and reinstalled everything...still says "Snag Bar Is Unsure If Item Has Been Snagged" any1 have this problem and found a solution? plz share. it would be greatly appreciated!


This has been happening since yesterday for me also.... I wish they would get it fixed soon :(

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