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Light-bulbCan I move my base?

by Dane Stewart - Jan 06, 2012 Star_s12,677 views

I'm in 325, my friends are in 199. Is it possible to move my base or am I just SOL?

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12-em-plus add reply

i see this question was asked some time ago but i think for those with similar question here is a place you could use to go to other sectors and get were you want maybe . It is a Facebook group known as Pirate relocate group to move the base when not in a major raid or damage to your out post you can click your out post it will give the option to relocate. Following it it will show friends you have and penfriend on face book. just follow the directions and your base should go near their base unless the area around them is full. The i suggest the Pirate relocate group or find others that play battle pirates on Facebook and friend them. the fourms are also a olace you could asked to be friended to jump to another sector


how do i change sectors if i only have friends in current sector ?


like how you move your base?


Yes you can move the base look in the out post pick your friend jump to them ..


Except during raids and special events, you may relocate to one of your top 20 bp friends.

You can only relocate once per 7 days.

BP Name- Kip


as long as the relocate button is there you can move base click on outpost and should see relocate near friends


No u cant move ur base

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