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Light-bulbHelp me Help us Save Wild Ones...

by John Glucksman - May 29, 2010 Star_s197 views

like this if you agree... now i aprecciate that playdom is trying to improve and make a great game even better. Lately though it seems that most of the changes they are making are making the game less fun. I would ask that they have two versions of wild ones, a test version you can play, and the original version. personally I strongly don't like the most of the new weapons and I don't like that is is becoming too cartoon anime-ish, if you know what i mean. so please, give us back the old wild ones but have like a wild ones 2 or something that you (playdom) can continue to toy with.

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12-em-plus add reply

i wont listen to u FUCKER AH PEH!


Just give up they wont listen plus the new weapons are very good because most people cant really win fights so wild ones is giving them a chance!


i dont think its becoming anime-ish just mor childish... and to begin with they were always "cartoony" weapons and animals

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