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Question-whiteMystic ice pick?

by MrKash Kash - Jan 08, 2012 Star_s1,218 views

you can't make one in the work shop! :( how do you make one?

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12-em-plus add reply

Why dont I have ice picks in my workshop anymore. I crafted a few this morning now they are not in there???


while visiting fnds in castle ville found out that some maps are having new quest and others are same old map. i think they are still rolling out.


Btw, there are Epic Ice Pick and Master Ice Pick also available in Workshop.


It's in workshop. Just finished one to clear ice from "!" sign. You need 7 wood logs, 2 stone blocks, 5 ice chunks + 1 hour of your time to craft ice pick;)


I dont have one in my workshop either...are you sure it's the workshop its in? I can't get into my studio right now to see if it is there.


it's in the workshop, 2 new items for george's quest

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