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Light-bulbnot getting the snagged items i selected but am getting wedding crap i did not select

by Anissa Perkins - May 29, 2010 Star_s62 views

because so many are having problems with this I have not joined in the wedding cake crap,yet there are still 5 of all the ingredients in my gift box even tho i have dis selected them in my preferences and uninstalled and reinstalled the snag bar!and the items the snag bar says i do have are not showing up in my bot,all i want is cream horse,blue pony and reae eggs,and the bonuses,I am not receiving these items even tho it says i have snagged them,all i keep getting is this stupid wedding crap that i dont want,many have reoported crashing and i just got a new message "bad gateway"instead of the bits got lost message,anyone know what is going on??

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