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Light-bulbFunny Way to Play Wild Ones XD

by Lawrence Yuen - May 30, 2010 Star_s651 views

Whenever i was on a map i blew everything up literally. this way every1 kept dying becuz they always fell into the water and kept reviving and they fell into the water again. it also makes it harder for them to get points becuz most weapons are useless in this state and by the time they revive again they fall down fast leavin them barely anytime to fire anything.The only weapons that worked were the nukes,mirvs, tornados, bees, rockets, and lasers. For the lasers, rockets, tornadoes, and mirvs, u always have to aim up or else they fall into the water and become usless. For the nukes and bees u could fire them anywhere because the nuke makes a big boom to hurt animals, and the bees spread around the area. When there is no mor land the last one to hit som1 or some people always get points for the kills. If u died and it is almost times up u can still fire a weapon as an angel. This way i ended up with a lot of points becuz i made sure i was the last one to hit any1.

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Cool trick!

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