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Kill Zombies. Smack them with a shovel or shoot them with a shotgun. Regain control on your neighborhood.

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Light-bulbZombie lane Tips, Tricks And Hack!

by Maryjane Amoncio - Jan 13, 2012 Star_s5,411 views

Getting Started

Click on the link above to play Zombie Lane.You will need an active facebook account in order to play. If you don’t have one you can get a free account at facebook!

Once you “Like” the game and give Digital Chocolate permission to access your information via Facebook you will be taken to the intro screen. Here you will customize your game character.

Choose a gender, then click on the customization buttons where you can choose hair style and color, skin tone, and clothing options for your character.

Note that you will have a few free items which are in storage and labeled as “equipped” You can also purchase additional items for your character using Facebook credits or game currency.Once you have created your character you will be taken through a brief tutorial to show you how to move around the game screen.

How to navigate around the game screen - Click on your left mouse button and hold it in while dragging the screen in any direction.

You will have a much larger amount of land to work on than what you will be able to see. Look at the menu at the bottom right corner of the screen for the “Full Screen” icon.

(See “Game Elements” photo below.) Working in full screen is much easier and will help you spot zombies that are after you faster.

Purchasing additional game currency - In addition to coins, which are used in the game, Zombie Lane also uses Facebook credits to purchase special advantages such as speeding up projects or giving you more powerful weapons or extra energy.

You can purchase additional Facebook credits by clicking on the purchase button which will trigger a menu if you do not have enough or you can click on the “add” button at the upper right corner and purchase the Facebook credits with a major credit card.

Be sure to read through the screen for ways to earn free Facebook credits by purchasing promotional items.

XP - Each time you perform any kind of action you will earn XP, which are seen as blue stars in the game. Each time you earn XP you are getting closer to the next level in the game.

Some goals will give you coins rewards and some will give you large XP rewards. Be sure to trade in collections for large XP rewards to help you level up faster.

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zombie lane now uses zombie cash instead of FB credits

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