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Light-bulbUPDATED 02/04--Winter Wonderland Chapter 6 Quests w/ Links----- :

by Teresa Donald - Jan 14, 2012 Star_s12,696 views
Sorry All....the links for the quest items are not working....this appears to be something on Z's end.  However you can still plan ahead...and watch for friend's posts to get your items that way.  Only other option is contact Z and hopefully they will give you the items you need.
It's never too early to start planning :) Here is all the info you need to start planning your strategy.  No pics of the Rewards as yet but will try to find them as I can :)

Harvest Train Station
Harvest 200 Red Iceberry (8 Hrs)
REWARD: Turbo Charger Pack of 3
Make 2 Frozen Fruit Tart recipes
Harvest 200 Frozen Grapes (1 Day)
REWARD: Popsicle Tree
Get 8 Glitter Jar
Harvest Popsicle Tree 1X
Harvest 200 Snow Tulips (1 Day)
REWARD: Glitter Penguin
Make Lollipop recipe 2X
Harvest 225 Gingerbread Crops (8 Hrs)
REWARD: Tangled Sheep
Harvest Tangled Sheep 1X
Harvest 225 Gummi Bear Crops (1 Day)
REWARD: Baaston Terrier
Make Gingerbread House recipe 2X
Harvest 225 Holly (16 Hrs)
REWARD: Polar Heart Bear
Harvest Polar Heart Bear 2X
Harvest 250 Carrotcicle (12 Hrs)
REWARD: Ice Heart Sculpture
Harvest Winter Pen 1X
Harvest 250 Red Iceberry (8 Hrs)
REWARD: Heart Penguin
Make Healthy Donuts recipe 2X
Harvest 250 Gingerbread Crops (8 Hrs)
REWARD: Heart Snowflake Tree
Harvest Baaston Terrier Dog 2X
Harvest 300 Iced Rice (12 Hrs)
REWARD: Sasquatch Statue
Get 10 Sasquatch Cologne
Make 3 Peanut Brittles Recipe
Achieve Level 2 Mastery for Iced Rice

REWARD: Sasquatch Cave

Harvest 300 Frozen Grapes (1 Day)
Achieve Mastery for Candied Yams--Level 2
REWARD: High5omatic

I have listed the Recipes, how many bushels of each are needed and the links to SEND them

Frozen Fruit Tart 2x
Red Iceberry (4) Frozen Grapes (4) Rye (4)

Lollipop 2x
Snow Tulip (4) Frozen Grapes (4) Blueberries (6)

Gingerbread House 2x
Gingerbread (4) Gummi Bears (4) Coffee (4)

Healthy Doughnut 2x
Iceburg Lettuce (6) Carrotcicle (6) Pattypan (4)

Peanut Brittle 3x
Iced Rice (9) Gingerbread (6) Peanuts (6)

You can also create your own 'Wish' link.  Simply copy the partial link below to notepad or I use sticky notes (Windows 7). Or you can open a new message and complete the links and send them to yourself for use whenever you want them.

Copy and paste the partial link below to where you want to keep the links
Delete the ??????? and replace with your FB my case it is 522482512 ...and type or copy and paste the item at the very end, so it looks like this:
If you don't know your FB Id simply go to your Profile right here on GU and it is there

You can then either copy and paste the link to your status or put in chat or messages to receive the bushels you want


As always the Quests are subject to change and will be updated as those changes occur.  Enjoy :)
ty dirtfarmer

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12-em-plus add reply

The tangled sheep needs to be on the winter farm. I put it on my English farm and the quest did not recognize it. I had to contact Zynga to get them to correct the situation for me.

Ankit has pictures of this quest here in case anyone want to see the prizes.

Ankit generally when it comes to sticking posts at the top I generally use the person who posts correctly first. I like pictures in a post but other members here have said they prefer posts with all the links in it and Teresa took the time to get links for, not only quest items, but also for the bushels we need which is important for those of us with sweet shop issues.

I appreciate your posts Ankit. :)

And thanks Teresa for updating this.


The quest items links do not work thanks to Zynga. The bushel links should be working.


The link for quest items have stopped working for me today :( I click on it and am taken straight into the game every time. Is it just me?


just to let you know, i used the link for the iceberg lettuce this morning and it worked, thanks for the links :o)


Since FV crashed the other day none of the links work. I do not know if this is intentional on their part or whether they do not know it.



Since FV had problems with the farms I have been unable to use the request links.
No matter how many times I click on them, I get nothing.
Is anyone else having this problem?
Thank you.


How do i contact zinga an missing my Popsicle tree reward.


If you are missing a reward you have to contact Zynga


Has anyone had a problem GETTING the popsicle tree?!? I completed the previous quest, and it never showed up in my gift box; I even got another one from a neighbors seedling, it say 'you've claimed your reward' and they aren't showing up in my giftbox! I'm done with Quest 3 except for harvesting the popsicle tree, which I DON'T HAVE, so now I'm stuck! Anyone else having this problem?


Kameliq did you try harvesting again because I believe the winter taqsk is now accepting harvests on your home farm or contact Zynga. They will help.


I put the tree of task 3 home farm and when I robbed him I did not take into account winter farm. (What to do?? Please help me.............


For those who put animals or trees on the English farm and though the quest was over for them--looks like Fv has just made the english farm and probably the home farm recognize the Winter quest!!!


Graham contact zynga. I put an item on the wrong farm and they helped me to move on in the quest.


Well i guess that is the end of my quest, popsicle tree on my English farm as well, this is pathetic that you dont get credit for it within the game


It seems you must harvest the Popsicle Tree on Winter Wonderland also. Bad for me because I dropped it on the English Farm. No credit on the quest but showing 1 harvest on the mastery list. :(




Sorry to say but there are better post for this quest are available with all pics. one of them even posted by me and some by other posters. So i think select any other post for this quest to be appear on top.


The bonus prizes are duplicates of stuff I already have - Sasquatch cave, Sasquatch statue, snowflake tree. blah blah blah


It will show triple and single lparts. Click on Single Parts to bring up your FV friends.  The Triple Parts are your friends who donot play FV :) Hopw this answers your Question :)

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