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Question-whiteRavenskye City Feed is not working

by Austin Pitts - Jan 14, 2012 Star_s170 views

All My game feeds are working except Ravenskye city. Can someone please tell me why?

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12-em-plus add reply

I have had it for a long time now and have asked the developers but they seems to not do anything to make this game work.
All other games work so it is only this game that am wrong.


I can't get into my neighbors, the store, storage and can get in general store but can't buy anything. Wrote support asking for help and they replied quickly with basically the same reply they give for every problem. Clear cache(browser & flash), check this check that. Did it and nada, Had an IT person work on my PC because the told me it was my pc giving problem. Nope. Not that either. This all happened overnight one day. IT person's response was it is definitely on their side not my PC. Many people in Forum having same problems. It's probably the same reason your's isn't working. Unless the add-on for GU was disabled for some reason. Check that? In short, I bet it has to do with a prog change they made. I wish their engineers had on-line support (yuugo) like GU does. We could let them actually look at our PC. i would be really upset if I had money invested in the game. I love it so much I'm keeping fingers crossed that they will fix the problem. Until then I'm limited to getting what I need from the exchange. Thanks GU! You guy's help so much!


Is it that if anyone clicks on yours, they get an error?
Are you not getting gifts?
Or can't you click on anyone else's links??

Try posting a link here. :)

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