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Question-whiteSnag Bar snagging just older stuff in Pioneer Trail

by Kristiina Raden - Jan 16, 2012 Star_s435 views

I have noticed, that if i use Snag Bar for Pioneer Trail, it uses "Send X, Get X" quality only to requests asking older stuff. The newer stuff, even if it is available, isn't snagged, i have to do them by hand. WHY?? The newer stuff is often more important, the requests with older stuff can be answered when my 50 getting X have been used.

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12-em-plus add reply

I stopped using it for the first 50 so that I could manually select the items I wanted instead of getting items that I couldn't use. After that I use the snagbar, although it DOES NOT show or count the items that it sends if you don't get anything in return and it doesn't add a comment to your friends post because it only adds a comment when it 'snags' something for you. I have checked this with a friends account and she did get the items but they didn't show in my items snagged window. For ages I thought it wasn't working properly but it does. Hope this helps clarify for some people.

You DO NOT need to add a comment to send and receive the item. Simply click on the 'Play Pioneer Trail' button below the comment box and it sends the item without a comment, took me ages to realise this fact as well.


Well, seem like the admins on snag bar aren't here 24/7 and when the new item appears it takes some time to appear on the snag list. If you use My feeds and claim to show only snaggable items then you will get only new items


It's not going to work with the comment box which must first be filled to answer a request. It's not going to comment for us. By the way, having to fill a comment box to get these items is very time-consuming and annoying. I noticed a few of my gamer friends don't have the comment box; I don't get it!


I am noticing the same thing.. snag only works on older items not the new one's at all.


thanks for posting this .. I have going crazy for several days trying to figure this one out .. glad to see that I am not the only one .. well not glad since this is very frustrating


Gamers Unite....can you fix this?


Same here! Even after I have Reloaded the toolbar :/


Same problem here.


I have the same problem.

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