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Question-whiteWhoa, friend! You've reached the collection limit for now.

by Sinisa Radulovic - Jan 16, 2012 Star_s4,449 views

from yesterday I have allways whoa....26 hours now. :( I cant get items for quest cuz my request is not on my wall. :( what should I do? please help me.

sorry for my english.

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12-em-plus add reply

The whoa has to do with collecting not sending. Besides if you wait for 1-2 days to collect the maximum is gone. Only 5 items may be pulled from your post. When grabbing items there is a limit of 3 on any one item except energy (at least as far as I can see.) The number 10 clicks is not correct. It seems to be 3 of any one item for making a partnership type item. If you have 3 different partnership you may get three each for a total of 9 but if you have 5 of those you can get a total of 15, etc. but only 3 of one item. Energy limit is 15 in your inventory not 25 if that is what you are trying to say. Use it up then collect more energy.


In castleville, the post for collection of items are classified under a few category.
1. Energy Item
2. Materials
3. Reputation, Coins and XP
4. Quest Bonuses
5. General Bonuses (Building completion, New area explored, Extra item drop from crafting.....)

Each of them have a maximum limit of 10 clicks in cycle of every 18 hours.

And for making game post on wall, whenever you post, wait for about 1 - 2 mins before leaving the game. It'll take some time for the game to process the post onto your wall.

For those who receive "Whoa" message in game, that is because you may not understand that sending out request to friends is classified as follows:
1. Craft buildings material requests
2. Building material requests
3. Quest item requests
4. Gifts
But usually when request is send out, the friend list would be empty. The "Whoa" message usually appears if double sending is found. Posting have no limit of how many times you make post but have time limit before making the same post (some 5 hours, some 6 and some 8)

Hope this helps.


There's no rule about how often you can collect an items. Sometimes it's 15 or 30 minutes, 1,2,4,6,8,12,24,36 hours... It's really confusing but that's Zynga way.

@Castle Ville -> That thing with loading the game and using some energy usually works, confirmed.


my advice is this, this is our players comment: do NOT click the “fresh” links the day they are posted. If I do, I get the “whoa” thing. If i wait a day i pretty much can collect all the links. Another thing i noticed is that when it says I collected them, but they did not go into the bar, i go and use some energy, and then go back to collect and they start going into the bar again. This is what works for me. in short click the 1 day older ones they work for 2-3 days the links so when u click them and only them only go for older ones then u wont get the massaage


should work after about 6 hours.... assuming you are trying to collect energy, may be you should check if you already have 25 ( limit)

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