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Light-bulbCastleville Free Energy Always Updated

by Castle Ville - Jan 17, 2012 Star_s941 views

Free energy links only work 2-3 days. they are good for a while, even the older ones

if you like the energy like my post:) comments are very welcome too :)

We strive to bring you all we can, in return we ask you to like us or come and hung around with us in our group:) we are happy bunch of people :)

here is our fan page is you want updates

Castleville free energy proof

Castleville Player: so…my trick is i do NOT click the “fresh” links the day they are posted. If I do, I get the “whoa” thing. If i wait a day i pretty much can collect all the links. Another thing i noticed is that when it says I collected them, but they did not go into the bar, i go and use some energy, and then go back to collect and they start going into the bar again. This is what works for me.

Energy link contains 10 energy,

Castleville game energy. If you want to share this , click like

Refresh your game to see if you got the energy.

Thank you for visiting energy cheats and tips.

Castleville free energy January 16, 2012, i always try to updated them as much as i can, many of the links will work even after 24 hours, good luck to you all. Free energy is again updated it be good till January 13th 14th, 2012

Click here for your Castleville FREE Energy

If it works for you please like the post and share with others

Click here for more FREE ENERGY – Updated Regularly

10 Energy that goes direct to your energy bar. Do not claim it if you have max energy as it will be wasted. Only claim it if you have 10 or more energy to fill. Click the picture to claim the energy.

If the energy doesn’t transfer the first time, wait a few minutes, try the link again. You’ll know the energy has transferred once you’ve been told “You’ve already claimed this item” You can just refresh it until you get the message.

For some reason, the energy doesn’t always transfer immediately the first time (or first few times) for some people while others it transfers the very first time.

Whoa, friend! You’ve reached the collection limit for now. Try again later ?

Don’t worry about it. Just come back after 30 minutes – 1 hour and you will be able to get the links without any trouble. The links stays alive for days so there’s really no rush. Check back regularly on this site // // // // // // // // // // // // // // //

Visit us regulary and stop by our group if you wish:)

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12-em-plus add reply

Info >>> Today, Zynga patched 10 reward Energy link and they just leave us 1 Energy reward link -_-! ( YES ! 1 Link for 1 energy ). 10 Energy Reward link doesn't work anymore ( Jan, 18 2012 ).

I can't find anymore in gamesettings.xml for 10 energy reward link, they remove this feeds.
They give up to fix energy limiter and they remove this feed forever. o_O

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