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Light-bulbProblem with Duke's Icy Witch Quest Thief 3 of 7

by Jesse Turner - Jan 20, 2012 Star_s652 views

I am stuck on the Duke's Icy Witch Quest 3 of 7. I have the 7 mystery meat and brick oven confirmed with green checks next to them. I banished the thief as soon as he appeared and it put a green check beside that requirement. I still had not gained the mystery meat of oven at the time I banished him. When I reloaded Castleville (after I had gained all the mystery meats and brick oven) the green check beside the banish thief requirement was gone and I am now stuck at this quest. I can use crowns but I would rather save them for other tasks. I can not get gloom potions to summon anything currently. I don't know if it is because I have so much territory covered or if there is a glitch. Any information or help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

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I think Jaclyn and Tim have the best answer to this. I used a super clobber club to banish him, but apparently there was no need to use it because I think just one click will get rid of him since he disappeared with only one click with the super clobber while it usually takes 7 whacks if it is a normal thief. This is just my hypothesis for those who have this problem in the future. I had the crowns to spare and did not feel like waiting on another thief to appear since my beasties aren't coming up anymore. It is kinda nice not having to worry about wasting clicks on a wolf or rat but there is a caviot to the problem also. My best advice to those who read this in the future is to leave the thief there until the other tasks of this particular quest have been achieved then banish him last. Thanks for all the suggestions and tips.


I did the same thing too, I just taxed my houses until he reappeared then banished him. The green check came back. Hope this helps.


Actually, I have a theory. I used a Gloom Thief potion and banished him the old-fashioned way (hitting him 7 times) instead of using a Gloom Morpher. Technically, because I turned him into a chicken instead of banishing him, perhaps it didn't count as he is still around in chicken form. Anyway, I have my green check finally and finished the quest.


Same thing happened to me. I'll be hoping someone has an answer....


same problem here also


same issue..
stuck as well, so ill watch this thread in the hopes someone else has a solution

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