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Light-bulbno unwither recieved

by Dee Fitzgerald Burke - Jan 21, 2012 Star_s379 views

NEVER RECIEVED 10 FREE UNWITHER!! how do I recieve it I reached level 6 & NO unwither

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12-em-plus add reply

well i am now lvl 6 and i did get my 10 unwithers a few mins after so i don't know why you had to wait till lvl 10


I'm not sure about Farmville but I received the Crate for PT trail immediatley after reaching the level. Others are having the same problem as you and not getting them. Support is telling them that they are working on making sure everyone gets them.  


i got mine by getting level six in chronicles (not reputation points the blue bar) then i went to farm ville the day after and went to my gifts and it was there so you should check your gifts


On mine it says lvl 6. Reach lvl 6 and receive 10 unwithers! I am on lvl 5 almost 6...i had better get my unwithers at lvl 6! lol


Its level 10 not 6. I hit level 10 earlier today about 10 min later and went over to my FV and it was in my giftbox automatically

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