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Light-bulbBetter gift collector that actually works with slotomania.

by Darken Light - Jan 22, 2012 Star_s20,505 views

Just add the app autocollectbonuses on facebook it does all the gifts not just 10 at a time. Also add me to your friends I post all the time and always send spins. Thanks!

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12-em-plus add reply

try this working for me:


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Thank you


I need more friends in slotomania please add me I'll send coins gifts ect. Thnks


that is not automatic you have to click on each one :(


does the automatic collecter still work? i see the feed but i don't see a collect button to autocollect


@Kinna, what do you mean you need to click the "add" to get the bonus? Do you mean "ad" as in "advertisements"? You can just hit the "click each bonus in xx seconds" and you shouldn't have to click anything else. Can you describe the problem in details?


Amy, The App that you suggest has been tried by both my husband and I. Using your app, we have to sit and click open each add to get the bonus, if you don't, you don't get the bonus, we lost a lot of coins with your app, and wasted a LOT of time in front of the compter. With the app HE suggests, you get the bonus' regardless if you click the adds off or not. Just fyi .... may be something you can fix.


Hi @Darken, it seems like you stopped playing Slotomania, but just to inform other people who are playing Slotomania, we have a new app that lets you collect bonuses more than 10 at a time. :)




Yeah right no add me posts or send me post? F you gamers unit this is suppose to be a gamer site retards that's what you do on gamer sites is asked to be added. Your products suck get off your high horse already and take any traffic you can get your making money off it any way.
On that note I'm darken22 on fb.

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