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Question-whiteHow do I finish the strawberry quest?

by Teresa Kinley - Jan 22, 2012 Star_s184 views

How are we supposed to finish this one with now strawberries to harvest?

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Royal E.: What bug? You never get much out of the Duke.
Jeanne: Why use crowns to unlock buildings? Why no just go up levels?


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I have strawberries ready in 8 hours. You're welcome to them. :)


I hear ya, I have the same trouble. I do have some planted though if you are my neighbor, if not you can add me if you wish. As of yet, none of my neighbors have any grown, but they have planted them for me.


depends upon which strawberry quest you are talking about. If it is Isadora's Diva quest where you must harvest strawberries from neighbors, then i'm wondering the same thing. Because I harvested from the duke's strawberries and they didn't count. ooops another bug. shocking.


if you have saved your crowns, you should be able to unlock the strawberries seeds. Try to plant them in a fast plot. with islands you can get crops 50% faster... Strawberries are great crops to plant when you will be offline for long, as they take days to wither and give 1k gold each harvesting them :)

If you did not save your crowns, wander for a few levels in your brand new yeti suit and save the next ones.. you will need them to unlock things like, for instance, butcher and armory...

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