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Question-whiteIs there a slotomania pattern to win?

by Sloto Meemee - Jan 22, 2012 Star_s7,213 views

please helsp

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Hi i have found this app i play slotomania on mobile daily, i was searching to get free gifts on mobile with out searching on fan-pages or on any site or group, i have found this app and its just an amazing i have installed it and activate my games push notifications, its just unbelievable i selected my games and now whenever gift comes it shows me on my mobile bar without any trouble or waiting i'm getting it first,
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You can not stop the reels, that's bs


how do you get the reels to stop on your own....i dont think its possible.


I'm at Level 600 with over 50 million coins. I never win if I let Slotomania decide my fate. I click the reels and stop them myself and get the bonuses and free spins way more often! Also if you're playing and not winning or not seeing many wilds or bonuses (on each reel) I go out and come back into the game again hoping to get better luck. This has helped many times! good luck :)


I've noticed the Monty Hall paradox works on bonuses. It can take a little study to get it down but you can never go wrong with a little math science.

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