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Light-bulbMore than 2 royal buildings???

by Darragh Fitzgerald - Jan 22, 2012 Star_s356 views

At the moment I can build 2 barracks or any other royal building. That I can have only 2 of these buildings at this level.

So my question is what level do you have to be to get more than 3 barracks, or whatever?

Even what level 4,5,6 of each building

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12-em-plus add reply

you can only have 2 of each royal building get new ones unlock as level and some quests give a free one and 1 can buy from ingame shop but max is 2 of each


Have u went to castel ville building and mission page they have it on there site. Check it out if u have not figured out the problem yet. hugss


You can have way more than that - you just have to complete the quests and level up and then you will get more. Having allies unlocks items as well. Not sure at what levels you need to achieve, but I think the Zynga site has guidebooks that might tell you. You might also be able to find out if you go to the market and try to buy one - there is usually a comment that tells you what level you need to get to in order to buy more. Note, Royal Buildings just increase your castle value so you can expand and also give you coins. You can increase castle with other royal items as well (go to market to royal items).


Hi I have seen in some of my neighbors that they have more than the two royal building that we are aloud to have. How does that work and how can I do it too?


Ok thanks. Your probably right, but the way it says "you can only have only 2 at this level" leaves me to believe you can get more. Max level as far as I know is 40 so we will find out at some stage


i dont think you can have any more

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