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Light-bulbMore for Galaxy Legion. How To Invade A Planet

by Anakin Skawulker - Jan 23, 2012 Star_s467 views

On the game galaxy legion When scanning for planets under the planet tab in the game galaxy legion, you might see enemy planets. In order to invade these planets, you need to be a high enough rank. After that, press the attack planet button when you have the planet that you want to attack selected.

Planets are like ships. They have defenses and weapons and even health. To see a planet's health, you need to go under the "colony" tab when you have that planet selected. The colony is the planets health. You must lower the colony population to at least 10 people in order to invade. A bit violent to kill off all those citizens don't ya think?

Now you can invade the planet. With the planet selected, go to the actions tab and click the invade button at the bottom. You may or may not get the planet, you will see what chance you had of winning after you invade or fail to invade.

Thats all for now but be sure to check out my other posts on Galaxy Legion.

--Secret Service legion

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