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Light-bulbLOADING CASTLEVILLE 93%, 94%, 95%,95%,95%,95%,95%,95%,...

by Marcos Aguiar - Jan 27, 2012 Star_s1,980 views

My castleville does not load , it stops about 95 % . I cleaned cache, reinstalled flash player, bla, bla, bl... and nothing ! I can load hidden chronicles, farmville, but not castleville ( the one i prefer playing!) This stands unavaiable for 12 hours....

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Yea its happening to me as well been going on for 4 days and honestly im getting really sick of it hope zynga fixes it soon cause i really dont want to miss out on the pot of gold


zynga sux, it has been 2 weeks for me


5 days now and my CastleVille still only loads to 95%. I've also done everything they asked with cleaning cache, re-installing different flash players. Nothing works.


3days past but no castleville


mine too just started to work right now... waiting so long bout 3 days.. so, as the result, just wait until zynga fix the problem. be patience and wait your game to load again :)


For two days this game does not work!


mine just started to work right now!! Been three days without playing because of the loading issue but NOW IT WORKS! :)


The same is happening to me! For two days this game does not work!


I have the same problem, stops about 95% since yesterday. What about now?


I can load castleville but not frontierville It's a common zynga problem.


Originally Posted by Ziffer
11-15-2011 Some players stuck at 95% Loading.

Last Update: 12/22

UPDATE: Fix in progress. May take some time for results to show.


Since 11/15 some players have been reporting being stuck at 95% on the intialy CastleVille loading screen and unable to access the game.

Status: The CastleVille studio is aware of these reports and is investigating the issue.

Workaround: N/A

Link to bug report thread: Here


yap, same here, its sux rly!!


the same, stops about 95% since yesterday :(


it happen to me too since yesterday... the problem is i can play with my second accound and nothing happen. hope that zynga can fix the problem as soon as possible. wondering why...

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