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Light-bulbMonster World Users, May I have your attention please!

by Hugh Marshall Porter - Jan 27, 2012 Star_s63 views

A guy called Huseyin Demir and Jan Piet are the same person and he wastes my time by uploading the same links all the time and missleads people saying that they will get magic wands if they click his posts. Everyone knows there is no magic wand cheat. He is annoying. I am sure you realized it too. I want you to ignore him or flag his posts.

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12-em-plus add reply

I agree with you and have been ignoring his posts for quite some time now.


all right guys,
Maybe i liked this game too much. That i wanted the stuff too much. Well im sorry?:S. I wont do it again. But i use the same links. But not with misleading people that they get magic wand and that sort of things. I wont do that anymore. Sorry guyss.

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