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Light-bulbGamers Unite is like my Facebook Games Administrative Assistant

by Jerry Franklin - Jan 28, 2012 Star_s81 views

I have been with Gamers Unite and had the snag bar since late Jan. this year which is a very short amount of time. And in that time I have learned to appreciate it very much. I was ready to give up on FV. First all the work you have to do just to take care of the four farms, and then the hassle of accepting all of those gifts from your friends individually, and then to top it all off you have to visit each of your friends home pages one at a time to see if the had posted anything and usually they did and usually it was gone by the time I got there. I was just so frustrated with the process. Then my wife let me in on her secret, " Download the Snag Bar " she said. So I did. And as it turns out several of my FV friends already had it as well, which explains why most of the post's were gone by the time I got there. See I just activate the Snag Bar and it reaches out and grabs all the post's that were ment for me and races to beat your friends Snag Bar to get me the optimum number of gifts possible without me having to go and physicaly claim them. But it's not just a helping hand with post's. Gamers Unite 1 click gift accepting was the true headache relief. Literally 1 click and and over 200 of over due requests were taken care of. No going back and forth all the time just click and wait. I know I'm running a little long winded here but this is just with FV not to mention my other games with which I receive the same help. All I really need to say is, Gamers Unite made the games fun again.

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