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Question-whitescreen too small

by Barbara Sauceda - May 30, 2010 Star_s933 views

when i go to my farmville game ,half of my game is gone. the screen is too small to show full screen can anyone tell me what to do?

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12-em-plus add reply

it is happening with my IE and is very aggravating. I do not play Farmville anymore but all mu games Zynga and others.


I see this is several days old, but I have been having this problem for a while as well. Not just in Farmville or even zynga games. I use firefox, it doesn't happen with IE8, but I can't get them to load at all with that. I have cleared cache and reinstalled firefox and flash player. I contacted Zoo and they said to contact them again if it is still doing it in 2 days. Which is not much help since it has been doing it for LOTS of days already. I am not very good with computers mostly I just want to push the shinny buttons. Please help if you can I am very sad and frustrated. Any help would be appreciated.

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