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Light-bulbTime Crystal Exchange Links Question

by Alan Adams - Jan 30, 2012 Star_s1,625 views

I click on the links in the "Time Crystal Link Exchange" post and none of them are allowing me to collect any crystals. This is first time that I have tried using it or even collected any crystals besides through game (when you get them for completing a scene). I clicked on a few and all they say is "Can't collect bonus at this time." It seems the post has to be clicked within a minute of hitting the wall (or the exchange links).

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12-em-plus add reply

Sabrina, tell her her to try changing the language. I know that sounds silly but this game is loaded with glitches and what works for some does not work for others. You do this by going to the game and there is a tab on the top between 'help' and 'inner circle' that says 'english'. Change to espanol (some languages didnt work so Im playing it safe) then post to her wall as usual. And do not post more than every 24 hrs. She might want to try english then in 12 hrs post in spanish but if the timer is anal (!), every 24 would be safe. 

Also, it has been said that as far as crystals dropping in scenes, they drop better in completed scenes....idk why. 

Hope this helps Laughing


I can collect 12 crystals per day but my mother can't. She only receives a few. We seem to be doing everything the same but when her friends and I try to give crystals we almost always get "You can't collect the bonus at this time". Does anyone know what could be wrong with her settings?


I've never received crystals from posting to my wall or posting here in the exchange. There's no way I can finish the crystal chapters without buying some.


Honestly, with these games I think they want you to pay real life money or have tons of friends that can help you. With games that require items like the Time Crystals, it makes you wonder if the creators want you to finish the quest line. Also, the message was given when I haven't collected a single time crystal in that 24-hour period.


even though they said collecting crystals would be easier this time around, its actually a bit harder. At first, you could post in different languages so it was possible to get over 100 crystals a day. They fixed that glitch. Now, you can only post every 24 hrs or so (everyone seems to be able to do it at different times) and only get like 12 crystals. But, I have noticed that I am getting more crystals when playing scenes. 

admittingly, the whole thing is a big cluster!  Surprised

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