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Light-bulbHidden Chronicles Tips: Energy, Points, Coins, Estate Cash

by Coco Huang - Feb 05, 2012 Star_s5,746 views

Hidden Chronicles by Zynga is a game where you discover hidden items to uncover the mysteries that lay deep within Ramsey Manor.

Explore amazing scenes to uncover thousands of cleverly-hidden objects, solve puzzles, and find clues that will help you to unravel the mystery surrounding theHidden Chronicles Mansion. Share the fun with your Facebook friends: visit them to leave helpful gifts, or send a challenge to see who can find the most clues in a scene. Finally, don't forget to collect and build items to customize your estate.

Hidden Chronicles Energy

Hidden Chronicles Energy is essential for game play, and you use it to enter scenes.Hidden Chronicles Energy is received as a gift from your friends, by visiting neighbors, purchasing it in the Marketplace, when leveling up, or automatically over time. 1 Hidden Chronicles Energy is earned every 5 minutes, as long as you have less than the maximum energy available.

Hidden Chronicles Estate Points

Hidden Chronicles Estate Points are used to unlock new scenes to complete various quests. They are earned by decorating your Hidden Chronicles estate with various items from the marketplace.. Be careful! When you sell an item that you've decorated your Hidden Chronicles estate with, you will also lose the estate points for that item.

Hidden Chronicles Estate Coins

Hidden Chronicles Coins are the main currency for the game as with most otherZynga games. Hidden Chronicles Coins can be earned in-game .Coins are spent in the Market for various decorations, buildings, farms etc…

Hidden Chronicles Estate Cash

Hidden Chronicles Estate Cash is the currency of the game that have to be bought using real life money. They can be used to purchase premium Hidden Chroniclesitems or exclusive Hidden Chronicles items, as well as unlock Hidden Chronicles items, quests and areas early.

At the start of the Hidden Chronicles you have 10 Estate Cash. Many players search hopelessly for Hidden Chronicles cheats or Hidden Chronicles Estate Cashgenerators, but now you have very legal alternative!

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