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by Bubba O'Neil - Feb 12, 2012 Star_s14,740 views

First thing I learned the hard way, is the red crystals are $$$$. These are required to build defensive passive/active perimeters. They are also used to purchase extra stuff, like resources - or items from the black market.

However, nothing in the tutorial implies this. The crystals are the money item in this game, purchasable with facebook credits.

And if you click "boost" during construction, or researching, or while manufacturing troops - it consumes these crystals. So rule #1....don't click boost unless you really mean to.


What I dont' know...

Raiding. I've raided other sectors and have been successful. I don't know that I've earned a damn thing from it though - I certainly cant tell, and I get no message saying I obtained extra credits or resources, or anything of value.

Likewise, I've also been raided by other players. And, I can't tell that it hurt me in any way - my resources seem intact and my buildings are unharmed. The only thing lost is defensive troops.

Same with invading...I cant tell that it does anything, or has any benefit. I've invated a sector and occupied it for a few hours and I could tell zero benefit from this. You just lose some offensive troops during the invasion, and the defending player looses some troops. I never got any extra resources from it.

So it seems raiding & invading are purely a player-to-player hassle, and not any form of resource improvements.

Also, the parade ground. I have no idea what (if any) benefit (or detriment) there is to putting troops on your parade ground. It seems to remove them from your list of troops you can send out on raids, invasions or garrisson - but thats it. Is there any benefit to having things on your parade ground? Does your air force need to be here to patrol your skies for raid intel?

Also, air forces. Having a handful of recon drones, radars & such - I am still unable to determine the size of a raid that is coming at me, even though they may be well within my range. Once the battle is finished and I get a combat report of casualties - thats' my only indication of the size of force that raided me. I still don't know what they used, or how many of them - if I didn't kill them.

Research Modules. I'm running multiple accounts, using them to basically 'feed' my main account resources and such - and have sent myself their modules quite a bit to sell or use. It seems these extra accounts have stopped researching the entry stuff like antigravitation. Is there any way to redirect them towards a desired research?

Friend research. What a joke, you need friends to click this 100 times (and never more than once per day) in order to get (what looks like) one free research module. Can this module be chosen? Or is it just as random as the regular research?

Friend resources. So daily you can visit your friends, click their cyborg & research plant - and also pick up what seems to be a maximum of 3 random resources from their area. Once I got 10 friends, the resources stopped. Now at 38 friends, I only get free resources from the first 10 friends I visit.

Cyborgs. So you can make cyborgs from a maximum of 3 friends per day, up to a total maximum of 50 cyborgs. The game tells me that I need to go to my friends' sector and click their cyborg plant to clone myself for them...which isn't true. In fact, I can't tell any advantage from clicking that since everybody can clone you without their permission, by clicking "create cyborg" Yet I've seen clan requests for people to come click their cyborg plant because of some offensive or something....what does clicking the cyborg plant do?

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12-em-plus add reply

I have only been playing for three weeks or so, but essentially everything in these posts is misleading, wrong, or incomplete.

Raiding is the fundamental activity of successful players. I have gotten as much as 15k resources in a raid (sadly too much in credits which are almost worthless once you have enough to feed your troops) and raids are a standard task (rewards! experience!) in the tutorial phase. (ALWAYS notice the tasks)
Usual best practice is to make a lot of middling sized raids against inactive sectors while not ignoring truly juicy targets. This means a LOT of recons. Just because a sector has no troops doesn't mean you should minimize troops sent. You aren't going to take casualties, so no need to send a mass, but be sure to send enough units for adequate load capacity since this limits the amount of loot you can haul. If your target is distant, try to do without troopers or siege tanks, which will reduce the speed ot the excursion.-c

Invading is quite useful, especially if you can find the right targets. You can colonize up to three sectors and get one resource producer in each.
The resource rate varies, but I had a colony that produce 210 titanium an hour for six days. Finally the operator quit the game, sadly, which led to the output slowly declining. If you are math-challenged, that is 30k titanium for the investment of a few cyberdogs, after an initial raid cleaned out is army.
No guarantees you will find such a colony.
GET INTO A CLAN. Even if the clan is useless otherwise (and it need not be) it discourages random raids and opens up an extra set of moonlighting jobs ("mercenary ops").


spending crystals on arms is a waste of time i like an idiot game this game 200 bucks and bought a bunch of hard ware only to get anihilated by an invader to which they lost absoultly minimal advise to any one thinking of giveing this game money .DONT just have patience build up resouces and research if you dont have the modules you want trade also with resouces so spend on cutting down on the time it takes to get stuff delivered


I've played the game for a while and I think I can help you with the things you don't know. You can earn crystals for achieves, rank up, and time played at 10 crystals a day, so they aren't necessarily money. Click on the message for the military adviser for amount of resources looted. Invading has absolutely NO purpose but for a shiny inanimate medal. The parade ground only marks you as a guy to not mess with a guy others will mess with on a regular basis depending on the troops put there can still go on raids. here should be a number under the number killed that show how many attacked, radar is only a defense buff, and recon drones should be used specifically to scout. I'm not sure a bout the research with friends but modules will stop researching once you research the tech and they unlock at random from the ones you can research next. Another thing is you sometimes must research 2 or more techs to advance to a new one. Clicking a cyborg plant will allow your friends to get a cyborg of you without using your 3 mutagen you get a day and you can spend crystals to mutagen barrels which are cheap for the games pricing which will increase your maximum supply of the stuff.

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