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Light-bulbTime Crystals question

by Emil Brundage - Feb 12, 2012 Star_s1,309 views

Hey GoT'ers

I had a question about the Time Crystals events. I've been saving up my time crystals and waiting to use them on a set of events with rewards I really like. I was wondering about how many time crystals are enough to get through an entire set. I have about 375 now. Would that be enough to obtain the ultimate prize of a given set?


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12-em-plus add reply

At this time, I have about 651. I had a stockpile because last time around, we were able to post several times a day by changing the language we posted in!! (language change top of game screen). So instead of the regular 12 a day, I was able to get about 80 (glitch allowed more but i only had so much time!)

BTW, they fixed that glitch! and even though Im close to being done with the chapter, i am waiting the last few days to do so since once you finish, you can no longer collect crystals...


How the heck do you have so many crystals? I'm lucky if I get 5 a day, even though I play for several hours, and of course I don't get any when there are no crystal chapters active.


If it says to build it, it should have gone straight into your inventory


Can anyone help to find out where the Wedding Tent is. It says to build it, but I can't find it to build.....Thanks!


Yup! Its takes an average of about 220 to finish a time crystal chapter and thats by not making mistakes (finding all items without pause). you still find crystals as you play too so.. I started with about 770 crystals and am down to 649 now and I have 3 stars honeymoon sendoff and just building  the last building that scene gives me so Im pretty close to done. 

Hope this helps!

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