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Question-whiteTrading with Gypsies

by Tessa Turkeli - Feb 14, 2012 Star_s4,251 views

I'm new to this game and I have a few quests that require me to trade with gypsies. I can't find anything that shows me how. How do I trade with a gypsy???

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12-em-plus add reply

Only trade with gypsies if you are using your turtle of fortune or the lucky clover. Otherwise you will get nothing in return


You can also tap on gypsies in friend's manors to try and complete your quest. If you don't have a gypsy boy in your manor, look for one by visiting friends.


You should see little gypsy icons floating around--just like the snatchins. But they really don't give you what they promise most of the time. I think I've only gotten one or two collection items, and never the runestones the gypsy promises in return for a horseshoe. I think the gypsies appear once you open the fortune telling room, and you'll get horseshoes now and again after you explore rooms.

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