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Light-bulbstuck on level 112 anyone remember how they got past that level,cannot get a high enough score

by Dawn Maizan - Feb 16, 2012 Star_s5,715 views

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12-em-plus add reply

Stopping the infection is the main thing, but I disagree that the side bubbles doesn't have to be bursted. If you don't burst them all, there is no way to aim to drop the blacks. Here is some additional recommendations/documentation and a vid on level 112. http://bubble-witch-saga.se/tag/level-112/


It's been a little while since I did that level. I just tried it again and it took me a few tries. Basically I think it's a matter of luck and which colors are grouped together from the beginning. What I did was try to clear the ones in the center first to stop the virus from spreading. After that, try to clear your way up to the top so you can drop the black balls. You don't have to worry about the ones on the sides unless they are blocking you from making your shots to the top.

Maybe someone else will come along and have a better tip.

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