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Light-bulbGet 1 Milion FV coins and 70 LVL --- 100 % Working

by Kaj Fleischmann - May 31, 2010 Star_s1,609 views

Ok i fund this But i have no idea if its working ore not.

1 : Go on

2: Download Cheat Engine...

3: When you install cheat engine run it

4:Go on ''computer icon'' ---> that is search

5: Find your Internet Explorer and press on it

6: Scan Type make on '' Double''

7: Than in '' Value'' ( right from ''hex'' ) write how much you get coin's

8: Than Press ''new scan''

9: Than ... in Left in window where is ''address'' will be how much you have coins...

10: double click on that!

11. Than again double click whan that go down...

12. Write your coins for 99999999 $

13: Than buy ''hay bale'' and that's it

14: Same made with experience

NOTE : Do that in Firefox!

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12-em-plus add reply

this way of getting farmcash is patched


Data is stored on Zynga servers. You will just get "Your Game Is Out Of Sync With Server."


didn't work

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