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Light-bulbDoes anybody have the masks?

by Brangelina Aphrodisiac - Feb 18, 2012 Star_s1,590 views

I need to unlock the Lockwood Fountain, but in order to do that... I need to gather the armed and ready collection. After I trade in the armed and ready collection, which helps me open the North Path, I need the Keepsake collection. After the keepsake collection is open, it will open the south path collection, which will in turn help me find the masquerade masks. All this to open the backyard to give Jeremy a note. If anyone can help me I will greatly appreciate it.

I have:

Emerald: Armband, Pendant, Ring

Gold: Bracelet, Necklace, Chain, Bangle

Jewels: Amber, Ruby

Sapphire: Dream Ring, Sky Ring, Teardrop Ring

Lapis Lazuli: Ring, Pendant, Necklace, Caroline's Ring

Evening Wear: Elena's Dress, Stefan's Suit, Caroline's Dress

Mystical Grimoire's: Red, Green

Party Invites: Founder's Ball, Fiftie's Dance, Miss Mystic Falls Pageant

MF High School: Varsity Jacket, Cheerleading Baton, Mascot

Study Supplies: Binder, Chalk, Calculator, Study Pen

Flowers: Rose, Daisy, Hydrangea, Lily

Map I: Map Piece 1

Vervain Collection: Perfume, Bracelet, Shot, Bomb

Summer Flowers: Sunflower, Iris, Lavender

Community Service: Flyer, Paint Brush

Rabbit: Black, White, Brown, Spotted

Amulets: Crystal, Quartz, Platinum, Diamond

Candles: White, Black, Green

Trees: Palm, Elm, Weeping Willow

Rocks: Passion, Tranquility, Serenity, Jealousy

Goblets: Yellow, Blue, Red

Booster BBQ: Checkered Blanket, Grill, Salad

Car Wash Fundraiser: Bikini, Trunks, Car Wash Sign

Scrolls: Blank, Sun, Moon

Computer: Keyboard

Romantic: Strawberries

I really need help...

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12-em-plus add reply

It is kinda annoying that you have to unlock half the dang estate just to unlock the one area you need. I am looking for the scrolls so I can unlock the trail to get the roses


if u can send me the bikini in the car wash collection, i can send u the "extra stakes" from the armed and ready collection that i have if u still want it

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