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Light-bulbList of foals that grow up in their own self in the Nursery

by Anna Kozkoz - Feb 20, 2012 Star_s2,034 views

I have noticed that recently there are some foals and a calf that grow into the horses that have produced them in the nursery:

- quarter foal

- cocoa foal

- smitten foal (grows into a stallion)

- batwing foal

- nightmare calf

Please, if you find more, extend the list

Although today and yesterday I noticed that not all of my nursery harvests resulted in an adult animal (of any type), some just didnt return any message. Maybe a bug because of new playpens...

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12-em-plus add reply

Randall Bull foal would grow into a Bull (not Randall, unfortunately, but if you dont have a bull, it's your chance)


Still, if you already put a sugar plum fairy or judge calf into your nursery and broke it, well, it can still be used....

1) it harvests normally and produces the horses (if they at all produce horses today, lately I noticed that many of them dont)
2) you wont be able to ALWAYS open it, but add at least 6 different TYPES of foals and calfs into it, return to Facebook, clean cache, and reopen the Farmville, then try again. If it doesnt open, repeat. If you add more TYPES of foals into it (like cream, black, brown, gray, blue pony, black pony, chocolate calf, hostein calf etc.), it will increase your chances of eventually opening it.

The trick is that the nursery doesnt open, if invalid item happens to be on the first page... if not, it will open, although you may not see all your foals and calfs (only until the buggy item).

The order of items is random and after cleaning cache, it changes.

Naturally, if you have more different types of items in the nursery, the invalid foal or calf will have less chances to appear on the first page, and the nursery will have more chances to open.


DO NOT put the SUGAR PLUM FAIRY FOAL into the nursery, the nursery will be broken, and the foal will be lost. Same as Judge Calf.


There is also info, which I didnt personally check (because I dont have the calf right now), that Fall Fairy Calf grows into its own cow (although it can also be grown for 1 FC - also unchecked info)


One warning: DO NOT put JUDGE CALF into nursery, although it will go. I did, and it broke, I cant open it... Although it still harvests horses...

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