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Question-whiteWhy are the link exchange items always expired or unavailable?

by Kim Cose - Feb 20, 2012 Star_s694 views

Everytime I click on a link for a clue or an item, it's either expired are I get the message it was so popular nothing is available. I also get about 6 windows that open all at once. Anyone else experiencing this problem?



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12-em-plus add reply

Found this information in a related link titled "Link exchange etiquette. Please Read!".

"And those wondering why they keep getting "This reward was really popular" over and over on the same item type, you can only claim so many of each item type per 24 hour period. Move on to a different item type and try back in 24 hours."


I have the same problem. I select the items that were posted "moments ago" with no clicks listed and it comes back either expired or so popular it isn't available or that it appears to be an invalid link. I also get the extra window opening.


try only fresh links (no more than 10 minutes old)

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