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Light-bulb 4 legged Friend Quest with TIPS -updated 3/2

by Marley Wells - Feb 25, 2012 Star_s9,015 views

Looking for some info on another feature of Farmville I saw this. Anyone heard about this quest that might start on March 1st?

TIPS: superstrawberries work

heirloom carrots work

Posole corn worked for me instead of regular corn

Quest 1 Tasks
Get 4 Water Dishes
Harvest 25 Vegetables
Harvest 25 Strawberries

Coins, Xp, 3 pack Turbo Chargers

Quest 2 Tasks
Get 6 Doggie Treats
Harvest 25 Fruit
Harvest 75 Lilac


Coins, Xp, Dog Treat Tree

Quest 3 Tasks

Get 8 Chewy Bones
Harvest Dog Treat Tree
Harvest 100 Carrots

Coins, Xp, Irish Setter

Quest 4 Tasks
Get 8 Dog Toys
Harvest Irish Setter
Harvest 125 Spinach

Coins, Xp,English Mastiff

Quest 5 Tasks

Get 8 Water Bottles
Master Irish Setter 1 Star
Harvest 150 Broccoli

Coins, Xp, Mystery Game Dart

Quest 6 Tasks

Get 8 Picnic Blankets
Harvest English Mastiff
Harvest 150 Peppermint

Coins, Xp,English Cocker Spaniel

Quest 7 Tasks

Get 9 Backpacks
Harvest English Cocker Spaniel
Harvest 150 Rye

Coins, Xp,Chocolate Lab

Quest 8 Tasks

Get 10 Collars
Harvest Chocolate Lab Twice
Harvest 150 Grapes


Coins, Xp,Dog Park Picnic

Quest 9 Tasks

Get 12 Leashes
Master English Cocker Spaniel 1 Star
Harvest 200 Corn

Coins, Xp,Toy Golden Retriever

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12-em-plus add reply

does anyone know if any type of corn will work on the final quest? or do we have to use the one takes three days to harvest?


This is a GREAT quest to repeat. I sailed through it, and am now repeating it. Have crops all set up and existing dogs ready to harvest. A great opportunity for dog lovers to pick up extras. There is still over a week left on this quest.


Tomatoes ARE fruits. lol classifying them as a fruit is correct lol


just thought I'd post can move your animals between the english and home farm via the store item, you can choose the animal from either inventory and place it in a pen and make use of all pens on both farms. Also if your pen is ready to harvest add your animal ...just takes it back to 97% not long to wait for it to grow, then take it out of pen and add to another that's ready...speeds up the process. anything that is able to be stored can be moved between farms. I also find it handy to grow all the needed crops at once...and if you use farm cash to instant grow...then pause the farm and go back to it ..when you need to harvest a particular crop.


That's because tomatoes are a fruit. :) LOL A lot of their crops are in the wrong place. I always wondered why.


Tomatoes are apparently not classed as vegetables in this quest , for reasons only known to Zynga !


Carrotcicles worked in place of the carrots, just in case anyone's wondering.


I am totally agree with Ana and Amy to havest animal we have to keep multipal pet boxes have kept the 5 each on english and home farm to finish the quest but you have to wait for the Broccoli to harvest it takes 2 days due to GU you can plan the crop you can harvest the crop in any farm you can use corn in lighthouse farm use butter corn as normal corn will take three day


100% agree with Amy and Carrie.... Sick of the same crops and having to chuffle animals around and still no luck. I have missed out completing several of these quests because of the mastering. Like all, just venting.

Thanks for posting the quest.


thanks for posting this. :-) And what's up with having to get these animals to lvl 1, if you're not lucky enough to have a home and english farm to store these animals, then you're are hosed. Then your stuck for 5 days on one quest exp quest 5 - harvest Irish Setter to lvl1.. and the same with quest 9 english cocker spaniel lvl 1= 5 harvest.. come on... Sorry just venting.. I have made the mistake of putting a animal on wrong farm and it took forever..
Oh and I"m with Carrie on the crops..


I am so sick of them having us plant the same things over and over again whoever is coming up with these quest have no imagination when it comes to these crops. I mean really how many of us have mastered these crops months and months ago ? We can't craft anything in our craft houses because everybody is trying to get these quests completed, so then we have to find gas elsewhere and above all else they still haven't fixed the glitches that we have been complaining about for months !!


Just saw it on my farm. Thank you putting for have the quest guide.


It is started


in holland also popped up this quest


This one just popped up for me. Like how they snuck this one in on us? LOL! Gotta suck for those already on the new farm... just a bit overloaded.


Stickying this in case they release this. I will be gone for the afternoon.

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