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Question-whiteWhy Why Why?????

by Christine Reid - Feb 25, 2012 Star_s107 views

OMG, please someone tell me why they did changes to this dam game again??? Grrrrr, everytime I harvest something now, I keep getting popups that say my market stalls are full, please add more or get rid of sme bushels! It wont let me add any more stalls.
Now I have to click out the popup boxes 50 times while harvesting, so freakin annoying and frustrating! Is this happening to anyone else? Im just about to give up on this game, getting so sick of all the changes and glitches. ughhhhhh

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12-em-plus add reply

Total capacity is 450. I wish they would expand more.


No, you're not the only one. It would've been nice if Zynga had given us fair warning of the market stall expansion and increased bushel yield. All my farms were planted with enough crops for the old bushel amount ... now, it's TOTAL CHAOS!!! My market stall re-fills up to capacity with every few clicks of the combine. IT'S ANNOYING!!!! The expansion materials are coming in very few and far between, and this is after sending out sooo many requests. And to make matters worse, turns out that the first increase is only 25 bushels. *smh*

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