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by Janette Bowen - Feb 28, 2012 Star_s1,844 views

I love FARMVILLE BUT NOW IT IS GETTING STUPID,What the hell is another Farmfor havent we got enough to fo with 4 and now you add another one.where i use to be able to look after my farms properly now i just havent got time.If you are going to keep adding Farms at least let us delete the ones we dont want and stop presents off that farm.IT IS JUST TO TIME CONSUMING. and i cant do it if you want to do this properly is is taking up most of the day .PLEASE DO SOMETHING i dont want to give up but i am going to have to

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12-em-plus add reply

I agree Janette - I've played Farmville from the very beginning but had to stop as it was taking me over my download limit every month - I recently got unlimited download but still cant play as it takes so long to load now there are so many farms. I just want to keep my old farms that I spent a lot of time and effort on building up and I don't want to HAVE to have all the new ones. I would like to be able to refuse the new ones to make it easier and more enjoyable for me to play. STOP adding new farms - its ridiculous and its making the game unplayable for a lot of people.


I agree that 5 farms are too much.
When you travel between farms before you click the travel button, you can click to pause the present farm. For instance, if I completed everything on the main farm and am moving to england I can click pause for the main farm and nothing will grow on the main farm.
However, if you want to stop planting on the main farm, you can stop planting stuff here and leave it active so you can harvest animals & trees when you want to for the extra coins.

I do not work on most of the quests. I look at the rewards and decide if they have anything I want. (horse, tree, mystery dart) then I will play those.


I don't do the quests I just play the farm I want and if one gets completed, ehhh that's all good.I do understand what you're saying about more farms ...but Melissa's reply mellowed me out...she's right so there really is no need to let it get you too excited ; )


I agree. Play at your own pace.


Janette, you are able to farm and look after only one of your farms if you want, or you can decide to farm and look after all your farms. Zynga does not penalize you if you don't work all your farms. Work at your own pace and enjoy it. The quests are not mandatory, so if you don't want to, you don't have to participate in those. The new farms are added for players who grow tired of working the same farms all the time. It gives us something new to do. If you're still upset about the new farm, you should contact Zynga about it. Gamers Unite does not have anything to do with the creation or upkeep of Farmville.

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