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Light-bulbWhat come out frozen cattles when we apply ice pickaxe?

by 'Aybek Kölemenoğlu - Mar 01, 2012 Star_s376 views

when we use ice pickaxe on them do they become regular cow or frozen cow like quest gave? i won't use pickaxe if they don't..

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They become regular cows once you use the pickaxe on them If you don't need them right now go ahead and move them somewhere out of the way. I did that for the longest time. When I was out of quests for a while and bored I made pick axes and then freed the lil guys. I ended up needing the cows later (still do) to get milk bottles for crafting items.

Only the blue frozen cow from the quest gives you anything special. :)


They are just regular cows.. Only get the frozen one as reward for doing quest. Don't waste your time just put them somewhere and leave them.


when you got a frozen cow you get ice cream from them

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