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Light-bulbcan't get past level 55

by Marye Diruzzo Pasick - Mar 01, 2012 Star_s20,736 views

stuck on level 55 - how do i get past it. been on it for a few wks!!!! Help

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I think I figured out the key. I was able to win the level about 5 times but with very low scores. I went back and played my previous games to higher points so I could collect the 90 stars...as soon as I made 90 stars I WON level 55 on the first try (after trying like 70 times). So anyone who can't win it, collect 90 stars and I bet it will be beatable!!!


Many of us were stuck for weeks, but then it finally happened! Laughing


stuck on level 55:(


There is quite a few ways, you can screen cap, memorize or play by this certain rule. http://bubble-witch-saga.se/tag/level-55/

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