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Question-whitehelp after level 10 Eternal isles

by Kate Conway - Mar 04, 2012 Star_s3,063 views

what is after level 10 Eternal isles

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12-em-plus add reply

Im on eternal isle 4 level 10. i beat it but it doesnt move me to level 5? what am i doing wrong?


Hi Jean I played level 6 toooo many times to count before I passed it, You do need the charm of webbing it really helps to get ur score up more


what a disappointment it ends after level 10 eternal isle


I am not happy, only 10 new games on Eternal isle, ok have to sit around for week whilst all my mates catch me up again. :O(


Your lucky you finished it. Totally frustrated now can't get past level 6. How did you manage to complete it ?


Damn I waited weeks after completing level 155 and then they just give you 10 levels which I finished in a couple of days


There will probably be Eternal Islands part 2 at some point.

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