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Light-bulbprogram is cheating!?

by Stefan Raymond Junker - Mar 05, 2012 Star_s3,193 views

It is just my feeling that this program knows, which bubbles I need and just give the ones I don't need?

Even when you make a mistake and your bubble stucks in the way, you never get this colour back.

Another issue:

when I suceed to shoot a bubble through a tight gate of 2 bubbles and I change nothing in aimiong, the 2nd shot stucks in that gate, where the first one came through!

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12-em-plus add reply

Amy, as far as we kn ow, there is no fix for this. One person with an iPhone reported that she got the RB Bubble within the mobile version. 

BTW, isn't it funny, that the game doesn't "change" bubbles in the middle of a shot no more, since we got the coloured pointer...


I have more than enough stars to be able to get a rainbow bubble but it doesn't show up in my potions list to buy it. How do I fix this??


Mainewil Peetra it's no her eyes. It's pissing me off, i was only googling to see if it was meant to do it, and seems it's a bug and I'm not the only 1 that the bubble decide to change colour for as you shoot them.


I too have shot.... a red (or so I thought) only to find out it was a purple.... this game has ticked me off, I may just quit. Cant send requests to friends so stuck after level 55... been trying to get some old levels up to 3 stars only to find that the game gyps ya out of left over bubbles............ I thought the point was to clear the cealing using as few as possible so the leftover ones can add to your score, but they only give you half! TOTAL RIPOFF!!!!


Susan Haddeland, it is your eyes that are doing tricks to you, the bubbles aren't changing at all.


I'm new to the game, but have noticed that my bubbles will randomly change color on me just as I'm about to, or as I AM, shooting them. (No, I don't mean changing color when you press the space bar, either. I mean changing color on their OWN.) For instance, I could have a yellow bubble, then look up at the puzzle to see where I want to aim, and it will shoot green, instead.

Is there a glitch in the game, or is this supposed to happen at random times to mess you up?


Interesting! Now I am a bit mad at myself because I haven't kept any stats. :P

Did you use the rainbow potion at all, when making your stats, Stefan?


well, I made some statistics now.

I played 20 times (level 6 Island levels).
From 20 times I got a green spider, 18 times I never got a bubble in a colour I could use!


The feeling that a level gets easier each time you play, Nancy Niles, the feeling is probably there because you get better and better on it. This is a skill game after all. :)

I have never had that feeling that the bubbles doesn't add up right. But I am a frequent Rainbow Bubble User after getting 130 Stars, so that let me choose two bubbles for myself at each level. :)

But I got suspicious that there might be some code to make the game easier after getting a Charm, as i got my first Charm a few weeks ago. It was the charm of Insurance, that saves you from one hit on a Doom Bubble. and I had much better bubble combinations on all levels that I played, than usually. And I played all kind of levels, that the Insurance didn't help at all, as they had no Skull BUbbles. I improved my score on at least a dozen of levels that very day and that isn't normal for me at all, LOLs


I've had that happen as well. It is infuriating. I've often wondered if the game isn't rigged to get very slightly easier each time you play a level, so that you can advance without buying charms/potions, but it will take a long time. It seems like after I've been stuck on a level for a few days, all of the sudden I'm getting the right balls in the right order to finish it. It may be rigged, but I enjoy the challenge and do, eventually, get past each level. At the moment I'm in the Eternal Isles (the final puzzle piece that, apparently, is a continuous loop) beyond level 155. I have never spent a dime on this game and I find that the potions you can buy with coins rarely work well until the game itself is ready to let me pass, so I don't even buy those anymore. It can be done, if you have patience my friend!

Good luck!

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