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Question-whiteFoals - Grow

by Ni Caldeira - May 31, 2010 Star_s1,002 views

Hi! Someone can help me on how do I get my new foals to grow? Thank you.

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12-em-plus add reply

well they usually never grow to be what you put in there as foals, but if your wanting to just grow more to make seed horses then leave them outside the nursery then when they are ready to harvest put in one ... harvest... take it out and repeat. yes its takes a while but you can grow more in a day then if you leave them all in there to harvest. does this answer what your asking?


Even if they do grow up it's unlikely they will grow up into what they were. Especially the calves. I've had pink calves, green calves, and fan calves all grow up int chocolate cows. ba..humbug...what a rip of by FV !!!!


It's all random luck. Sometimes when you harvest your Nursery one of your animals will have grown up. Other times, none of them will have.

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